Filming #Nerdbery: My debut as a videographer

Two weeks ago, I got a message from my friend Colby Sharp that some Nerdy Book Club friends were getting together in Ann Arbor. It just so happened that I was going to be on that side of the state (though I would have driven even if I wasn’t). I worked on grading papers all morning and into the afternoon and then headed to the Ann Arbor Public Library to meet up with Colby & John.

Ann Arbor Library: Entrance to Children's Space

The librarian on staff was lovely and gave me one of the best compliments I have every received, “You must be a children’s librarian, I can just tell.”  They had a lovely display at the entrance of newly received books.

From the "New Book Display": A book I think my 6th Grade daughter might appreciate.

A book Mr. Schu brought with him. I loved it and can't wait to get it for my car/truck/driving loving nephew.

Then it was time to put on my videographer hat. John & Colby are co-creators (or maybe co-conspirators) of the Newbery Challenge. They are on a mission to read ALL of the Newbery Winners in order. When I first heard about their challenge, I was tempted to join them but decided that it might get in the way of my actually FINISHING graduate school. I have been following their adventures and by far my favorite part has been the videos. We filmed two while we were there…and it was as much fun as it looks. The enthusiasm that these two guys have for reading is contagious – even when reading “the driest book ever written” or dealing with the death of a cat.

Then we had an amazing dinner with some other Nerdy Friends, thanks to Beth Shaum (@foodiebooklover) we have some photos of the evening, including this clearly not-posed photo of the three of us:

Kristin, John, & Colby - post filming

Here is the final product, including me booktalking The Humming Room:

Follow John & Colby’s Newbery adventures on their blogs and on twitter: @colbysharp @mrschureads #nerdbery.

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Colby’s Blog: sharpread