The Youth Media Awards, including the Caldecott and Newbery Awards, will be announced in a few hours. Last year I was able to attend the awards in person for the first time. I got up early to be one of the first in line. This year I wasn’t able to attend but I will still be listening to the live webcast. I’m thrilled that my daughters have a snow day today and will get to listen in with me.

The awards always spark much discussion among many of my children’s lit and teacher friends. Monica Edinger – 4th grade teacher, blogger, & author – wrote an insightful post over at Nerdy Book Club, Top Ten Things You May Not Know About the Newbery Award. As a former committee member, she shares some insightful thoughts.




It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


Last week I read:

*Thanks to Mr. Schu for bringing the first three with him to Ann Arbor!!!

Boy and Bot by Amy Dyckman & Dan Yaccarino


Backseat A-B-See  by Maria van Lieshout

Me Want Pet by Tammi Sauer & Bob Shea

Dead End In Norvelt by Jack Gantos

This week I am reading: 

Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

I won this book on Twitter from Walden Pond Press and am loving it. Actually having a hard time putting it down to get grading finished. So far my favorite line is reference to Turkish Delight.

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

I am rereading this in preparation for our discussion in TE348 (Reading & Responding to Children’s Literature) this week. It is the first time that I have used it in class and am looking forward hearing and reading what my students think about it.



Statistics for the Utterly Confused by Lloyd Jaisingh

I am taking my last course as a doctoral students. I am taking statistics. The past few weeks I have been swimming around in a haze of psuedo-understanding – I’m hoping that this book will help me to review what we’ve done and get through the last few weeks.


I have been a huge fan of librarians from a very young age. The Peninsula Community Library  was my first “home” library & Mrs. Arney, the librarian, quickly became one of my favorite people. She somehow always new what sorts of books I would like and always wanted to know what I thought about what I read. Mostly I remember that she talked to me the same way she talked to adults. Starting at the age of 4, my opinion as a reader was valued.

Flash forward to today. I am in Dallas, Texas attending my first American Library Association conference. I have met some amazing people. As a member of ALSC (Association for Library Service to Children) I attended my first committee meeting for the Liaison for National Organizations Serving Children and Youth. I got to meet someone in person (Hi Merri!); she and I took an online Newbery Award course last summer. The other committee members were also lovely. After our meeting Stephanie was kind enough to mentor me in the finer points of navigating the exhibits. I met more people, got more books, signed up to win prizes, got more books, picked up some swag for my kids, and talked with reps from more publisher than I can remember.

One of the things that has been the most rewarding for me has been the conversations with people about my interest in talking across the disciplines of education and library science. I connected colleagues in various positions (children’s services, curriculum resource centers, publishing, etc.) that were supportive and encouraging. I’m looking forward to continuing conversations with many of them both virtually and in-person.

Lastly, tomorrow morning, I’ll be waking up extra early to attend the announcements of the Youth Media Awards. For the past 3 years, I’ve listened to the live webcast. Here is the link for tomorrow’s live webcast, I like to have a cup of tea while I’m listening.  It’s hard for me to believe that I will be there in person tomorrow. There have been numerous mock elections and many blog posts about possible winners for the past few weeks. Last year’s Newbery and Caldecott winners were surprises to many, it will be interesting to see what this year will bring. I can only imagine what a difficult decision it was for the committees of all of the awards. I’ll be tweeting during the awards announcements and writing a blog post as well!