Slice of Life #2 – Holes with my daughters

This afternoon I watched the movie Holes with my two daughters. I remember reading the book when it came out and loving it, I’m almost positive that I read it while taking children’s literature as a graduate teacher education student.

Today while watching the movie, D1 & D2 started asking questions:

  • Why are they digging the holes?
  • He didn’t really do it though mom, does that mean the other boys didn’t do it?
  • Why are these other stories being told at the same time?

And then as we watched they started to ask questions but would stop in the middle:

  • I wonder if maybe the reason that the Warden is so crazy …. oooh, wait I want to wait and see!
  • Are they going to die, no they can’t because I think that Stanley is going to… no you have to wait and see!

Then they were silent for a while.

Then, “OH MY GOSH MOM, IT’S THE BOAT! IS THAT THE SAME BOAT!!! The stories all connect don’t they?!?!”

It was so much fun sitting with them watching the wheels turn in their heads and the aha moments on their faces. I was going to grade midterms while we were watching, but it was too much fun watching them watch the movie. They always amaze me with what they notice and the connections they make when I am willing and able to sit with them. and listen. and ask questions. and share. and listen some more.


Blue Chicken

Blue ChickenBlue Chicken by Deborah Freedman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This beautifully illustrated book takes readers on an artistic adventure with chicken and his farmhouse friends. The water colors are full of life and add richness to the story. The delightful final paste down illustration leaves readers wondering what other sorts of creativity may lie ahead for the animals.

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