A taste of delicious storytelling

I’m in the car right now reading Kathi Appelt’s new book The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp. This is storytelling that gives me goosebumps. Here is a taste for you…

Hogs like to hide out along creek beds, where they lay low in the underbrush so that no one can see their sneaky selves. Like our raccoons, they’re also nocturnal, using the cover if darkness to mask their dastardly deeds.
They usually travel in family groups called sounders. Isn’t that a great word? “Sounders”? We just love that.
But do we love Buzzie and Clydine and the Farrow Gang?
Friends, their is nothing to love there.

Now – back to reading…


Quote: On Childhood Reading


I love quotes, especially the ones that make me think or reflect in a way that I haven’t before. I also love the ones that remind of why I do the work I do, parent the way I do, or work the way that I do. I’m going to start sharing some of my favorites here.

Here is the inaugural quote post:

“The books you read as a child brought you sights you hadn’t seen yourself, scents you hadn’t smelled, sounds you hadn’t heard. They introduced you to people you hadn’t met, and helped you to sample ways of being that would never have occurred to you. And the result was, if not an “intellectual and rational being,” then somebody who was enriched by the knowledge that their own particular life only occupied on little space in a much bigger world of possibilities.” – Francis Spufford, The Child That Books Built, p.10