About Kristin

I am a Lecturer in the Reading, Language and Literature Program at Wayne State University’s College of Education. I teach courses in children’s literature and literacy at the undergraduate and graduate levels. My doctoral studies at Michigan State University focus on children’s literature, teacher education and the intersections of Literature, Library Science, and Literacy.

I am mother of two daughters, wife, friend, teacher, dog owner, avid reader and tea drinker. At other times in my life I have been a violist, alumni coordinator, and children’s museum education director. I grew up in Traverse City, Michigan and as a result, love water but not snow.

About this blog

There are many people that are devotees of children’s and young adult literature across a variety of fields, disciplines and locations: teachers, librarians, scholars, parents, authors, illustrators, publishers, and bloggers. I am continually fascinated by the ways that these communities do (and sometimes don’t) intersect with each other. As an avid reader, doctoral student, teacher educator, former elementary teacher, and mother I have chosen to follow conversations in multiple disciplines. I find it enriches my thinking about children’s and young adult literature. This blog is a place for me to share some of my own thinking. My hope is that this will be a space for conversation and thought for and about literature for children and young adults.


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