About Kristin

I am an Assistant Professor of Children’s and Young Adult Literature in the Reading and Language Arts Department of the School of Education and Human Services at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. I teach courses graduate and undergraduate courses in children’s and young adult literature and language arts methods. I completed my doctoral studies at Michigan State University with a focus on children’s literature, teacher education and the intersections of Literature, Library Science, and Literacy.

My work examines the ways that K-12 teachers and teacher candidates choose, respond to, and use children’s and young adult literature with the goal of disrupting schools as a place of inequity and oppression. A social justice approach (Adams and Zúñiga, 2013) informs my scholarship, teaching, and service.

I am mother of two daughters, wife, friend, teacher, dog owner, avid reader and tea drinker. At other times in my life I have been a violist, alumni coordinator, and children’s museum education director. I grew up in Traverse City, Michigan and as a result, love water but not snow.

About this blog

There are many people that are devotees of children’s and young adult literature across a variety of fields, disciplines and locations: teachers, librarians, scholars, parents, authors, illustrators, publishers, and bloggers. I am continually fascinated by the ways that these communities do (and sometimes don’t) intersect with each other. Engaging across these disciplines enriches my thinking about children’s and young adult literature.

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