Photo Journal: Writing Retreat #1

This week, I headed to my parents house in northern Michigan for my own personal writing retreat. I’m so very grateful to my husband and daughters for their moral and very tangible time support so that I can complete my dissertation and graduate in 2014. During my brief time away, I decided to stick with two simple goals:

  1. finish a draft of chapter 2 of my dissertation
  2. say off of facebook (in support of goal #1)

I’m very pleased to say that I met both goals. I also managed to take walks with my dog/writing partner (Maggie May) and spend some time with my parents. I thought it would be fun and interesting to take some photos of my mini-retreat to share with the world. And also so that I can remember how productive this time was for me.

Writing space #1

Writing space #1

My writing partner, Maggie May

My loyal writing partner, Maggie May

Day 1 Walk

Day 1 Walk with my Maggie May

Home made apple cobbler and tea

Tea with Home made apple cobbler (thanks mom)

Writing Space #2

Writing Space #2 (w/Maggie May of course)

Day 2 - Tea

Tea is an integral part of my writing life. Barry’s Tea to be specific, with cream. Day 2 called for an entire pot, warming on the glass tea warmer I carried back from Germany for my mom 25 years ago.

Writing space, day #2. (The couch just made me want to nap today.)

Walk - Day #2

Our day #2 walk took us by the orchards and vineyards near my parents house.

The beach...

Both days Maggie and I finished our walk by returning home on the beach. I always need to visit the water when I’m here.


The fruits of my labor – chapters 1 & 2 drafted. Thanks to my dad for the celebratory gin & tonic!


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