Literacy, Libraries, Literature… Writing my Dissertation

I’m writing a dissertation these days. My dissertation.
This means that I’m not spending as much time reading children’s and YA literature.
It also means that I’m not writing as much on this blog. But I’m still here.

My dissertation is interdisciplinary. It is about children’s literature. Children’s literature in literacy and education studies, in library science studies, and in English and Literature studies. I’m thinking and writing about the similarities and differences in the ways each of these disciplines “sees” children’s literature. I want to make these more explicit as a way to think about the ways children’s literature is positioned in schools, curriculum, and with students.

Along my journey to get here, I had some people tell me not to write an interdisciplinary dissertation. It is challenging work, no doubt about it (as is any dissertation). I’m working to be explicit.  The common threads that I see like the air that I breathe need to be put into words. I’m learning to I to answer my own “so what” … and I’m getting there. Each day more words get out of my head and on the page.

So if you are here and wondering where I am and if I still care about children’s literature, readers, and teaching. Know I do, that I’m teaching and writing about all of those things.  I’m still here – I’m just focusing my attention on the next step…


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