Leaving my Aussie home…

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Australia for over one month. This experience has been beyond amazing. I had originally anticipated blogging quite a bit more than I have, but spotty internet and circumstances meant taking a break.

I felt a bit bad at first, I love blogging and thought it would be a great way to share my adventures with friends and family, as well as to record my experiences. But not blogging has had its benefits. It helped me realize to put my camera and notebook away and just experience life in a different country. Not blogging helped me to put myself “out there” more with strangers, strike up conversations and ask questions. It helped me to observe and absorb and become part of the weaving of life instead of staying on the outside looking in. That is one of the amazing things about staying in a different country and city for more than a few days, it begins to feel like a home.

I’m desperate to be back in my own house, with my husband, my daughters, my dog – and my own bed. But I’ve made a bit of a home here as well, with new friends that I can’t wait to come back and visit.


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