Poem In Your Pocket Day

Yesterday was Poem In Your Pocket Day. I was so excited because it was on a day that I was teaching my undergrad children’s literature course (we only meet one day a week).

Not only were we able to celebrate in our class but we also skyped wih some of Mr. Schu‘s 4th graders.

They had a lovely introduction for us to explain why they love Poem in Your Pocket Day and then students from both classrooms took turns reading poems to each other. It was one of those times that I was able to step back and think about how teaching and learning is so much more than quantifiable data. We were experiencing poetry across generations, state lines, and contexts. It wasn’t about writing a paper about a poem or thinking about what made a poem work; both of which can be very satisfying and educationally important experiences. It was about something bigger – something about being human and sharing words and thoughts and laughter and smiles.

Thank you to Mr. Schu’s students and the students from TE348 section 3 for sharing with each other. You all made my day!




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