Slice of Life #10 – Nerdy Book Get Together

Saturday afternoon, my family and I headed to Grand Rapids for some family time, dinner with a dear family friend, and so that I could go to the first (of many) Nerdy Book Club get together.

We met on the second floor of the BOB. We stood for a while by the fireplace. Then we sat in huge, comfortable leather chairs all the time talking teaching, children’s & YA lit and drinking beer/water/diet coke.

It was fun. It was inspiring. It was invigorating. It was enlightening. It was amazing.

When we introduced ourselves, we had to include our twitter handle because that is how many of us met and interact on a regular basis. There were a number of nerdy members who were there in spirit via twitter, I think this is everyone that was there in person, in no particular order:

@kmcilhagga (that’s me)

(if you were there and I missed your handle here, please let me know!!!)

My head has been swimming every since. When i talked to people about my choice to come back to school and work pre-service teachers to read and discuss and connect to literature so that they can pass it on to their students. These people got it, that doesn’t happen very often. I talk to a lot of people who don’t understand why I’m doing what I am – to be able to spend the evening with people who were encouraging and curious was one of the most exciting, validating evenings I’ve had in my professional career. Listening to all of the teachers and librarians share their thoughts about books and the ways that they are creating reading cultures for their own students inspired me.

Long live the Nerdy Book Club!!!

If you aren’t already, follow us on twitter at #nerdybookclub and check out the blog at


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