Slice of Life #6 – and then it’s spring

Today it is sunny, very windy, and over 60 degrees in Michigan. This doesn’t usually happen until April and I know it won’t last (this time). Each time I have headed outside, I think about Julie Fogliano & Rebecca Stead’s new book AND THEN IT’S SPRING. As she did with AMOS MCGEE, Stead’s illustrations are full of texture, depth, and a sense of life that is incredible on a flat page.

Head on over to The Horn Book where Roger Sutton interviews the Caldecott winning illustrator. As a fellow Michigander, I whole-heartedly agree with her answer to #5. And just in time, look what made an entrance in our garden today:


Daffodils, Crocuses, & Hyacinths coming up for some sun on March 7 - this doesn't usually happen in Michigan until April!


1 thought on “Slice of Life #6 – and then it’s spring

  1. Yes, this weather is a gift, but one that will disappear. The up-side is it will be back. I need to reread And Then It Is Spring (I think I read it in B & N one day). Love the bulbs popping up. Mine are too.

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