Slice of Life #4 – I am a Ph.D. Student

I am in my 4th year as a Ph.D. Student at Michigan State University in the College of Education. I am in the Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education Program. I know it’s a mouthful – and most people just want to know, “What does that mean? What will you do when you are finished?”

I want to work with preservice and inservice teachers in a College of Education. I want to teach children’s literature and be an advocate for the importance of children’s literature coursework as part of teacher preparation and teacher education. I actually already do all of these things. I also teach Elementary Language Arts Methods. I’m hoping to move from being a graduate student to being a faculty member and do all of those things.

Right now, I am also taking my last course (statistics) and working on finishing my practicum study. As part of MSU’s College of Ed, we complete two (yes TWO) research projects, a practicum and a dissertation. I have been spinning wheels and treading water around my practicum for quite some time now. I’m ready to write it, defend it and move on. What this means is that I need to write more. On the practicum. Not on my blog.

Yesterday I had an idea to help me move forward… here it is:

What if I use my blog (and Slice of Life) to get me back on track with the practicum? I could do that… it would get me writing, would be in small chunks (something I struggle with) and get me to start to make my ideas and writing public.I could do that!

Tomorrow’s Slice of Life: Introduction to Kristin’s Practicum – hope you’ll come back and let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life #4 – I am a Ph.D. Student

  1. I think it must be “karma” that I read this post…..because I have been there….and PhD candidates need support just like all the other writers in the world. I did it….so can you ! Dr. Ferreri:)

  2. My husband is working on his dissertation. I know that one of his hurdles has been finding the motivation to keep going at a good pace. Good for you to use this blog and challenge to keep yourself challenged!

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