Slice of Life #3 – Scrambled eggs

When my youngest daughter (D2) was in 1st grade, her class made a cookbook to give as a mother’s day gift. Each child chose their favorite recipe that their mom cooked and then wrote out the recipe and directions. (Nice double duty of creating a mother’s day gift with writing procedural text!)

D2 chose to write about my scrambled eggs. Yes, that’s right, I make scrambled eggs for dinner. I often spin it as the exciting “Breakfast for Dinner!” in an effort to make it sound fun and exciting as opposed to what it is; D1+D2+me home on a weeknight, husband not home because of late rehearsal, and I’m too tired to think or cook anything more interesting.

I’ve felt some guilt about this, especially because my husband is a great cook and because I used to cook more than I do now. He reminds me that I am a full-time ph.d. student and it isn’t that I’m lazy, just that I have to prioritize differently than I used to. He also reminds me that the children are fed, healthy, & generally.

Last week, I was inspired (or more likely, avoiding grading) and cooked white chicken chili and pulled pork. The pulled pork has provided us with three meals – sandwiches, nachos, and yesterday’s pulled pork enchiladas. As we sat down to eat, D2 said, “these don’t look like usual mommy, maybe you should have made scrambled eggs.” My husband immediately said, “you know that might hurt mommy’s feelings, she worked hard to make us dinner that she thought she would we would enjoy.”

Her response, “why would that hurt her feelings, she DOES make the best scrambled eggs!”

Lesson: next time I feel guilty not giving something enough of me, I’m going to check with my daughters – their perspective is both honest & real, and scrambled eggs are easier to make!


5 thoughts on “Slice of Life #3 – Scrambled eggs

  1. Such a sweet post. I love your daughter’s honesty. Clearly, she loves your scrambled eggs and having them on girls’ nights will probably be a special memory for her. I think as women and mothers (at least for me), we carry around too much guilt. I always feel like I’m not doing enough. I try to remember to cut myself some slack. Sometimes that’s hard to do, so it’s great when my daughter outs things back in to perspective for me. 🙂

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