Childrenslitcrossroads Shout-out: MSU SMEA, TE402, & TE348 Students

I haven’t posted as much this week, but I’ve been talking a lot about children’s literature with teacher education students at Michigan State. In both my TE402 and TE348 classes, I showed my blog along with the new resource page created for students to use now, and in the future when they are interns and eventually have their own classrooms. This coming week, the students in my children’s literature class will be selecting a blog to follow for the next few weeks as one way to help them discover what people think about children’s literature outside of our classroom.

I’d also like to shout out a big thank you to all of the SMEA students that came to the meeting on Tuesday night to talk about children’s literature. I was asked last semester to do a presentation about children’s literature in classrooms for the group and was thrilled to have a room full of pre-service teachers eager to hear about reasons why children’s literature is so important – both in teacher education and in their future classrooms.

I shared a variety of books and resources that I often refer to including:

I also talked about the important role that the online children’s literature community has come to mean for me as both a reader and an education professional. I’ve added a page to the blog “Children’s Literature Resources” that includes links to numerous children’s literature blogs as well as lists of books, journals, and other resources. I will be adding to this page on a regular basis and hope that it will serve as a resource for both current and former students.

One student really stumped me at the end (you know who you are!) by asking me what my top-5-every teacher-should-have-these-books list would be. That kind of question needs it’s own post so stay tuned!

Other updates:

  • I finished Jane Yolen’s Snow in Summer – review to come soon.
  • I’m heading to ALA Midwinter Conference on Saturday morning – its my first visit and I’m hoping to meet some fellow bloggers in person! I’ll definitely be tweeting and can not wait to attend the Youth Media Awards announcements on Monday morning.

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