It’s Monday! What are you reading? 1/9/12

I’m posting this a bit later than intended, but it’s still Monday!

I’ve been reading Colby Sharp’s post monday posts over at Sharpread for the past weeks and have loved the idea. Now I get to join in on the fun.

This past week I read Blue Chicken and absolutely loved it.

Last night when I couldn’t fall back asleep at 3:30 a.m., I started Our One and Only May Amelia. I’ve read some of Jenni Holm‘s other books and got to meet her this past year at NCTE. I decided it was high time to meet May Amelia myself. I’ll post a review later this week.

I’m also started The Book Thief – I want to like it but I think the timing is off for me. The writing is undoubtedly amazing, but I think my brain is overloaded with the beginning of the semester. I’m going to exercise my Rights as a Reader (thank you Daniel Pennac) to abandon this one for a bit and come back to it.


6 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading? 1/9/12

  1. I’ve read the later of the two May Amelias and have to read the first one…it’s cute! I also think it’s fine that you are abandoning the Book Thief….BUT don’t give up on it. Don’t forget to go back to it. The audio is amazing and I think that helped me get into it. I love the Book Thief. Thanks for joining us!!

  2. Yes, The Book Thief definitely takes awhile to get into, so save it for a time when you can really focus on it. Do come back to it, because it’s a wonderful book!

    I love Jennifer (and Matthew) Holm’s Babymouse books! My sister read all of her other books and raved about them. I’ve been meaning to try May Amelia, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  3. Loved Blue Chicken! Hoping it may pick up something in the Caldecott Silver… it’s possible. The Book Thief is worth reading, but I read it in small bits at a time – not in a reading marathon like I usually do. It takes time to digest each part of the book.

    • That’s helpful to know about The Book Thief. I usually read books marathon style as well, I’m glad to know that it took you a while as well. I don’t usually abandon books, especially one that I think is written beautifully – like The Book Thief. I really want to finish it. I do think a big part of it is that I’m very preoccupied with beginning a new semester.
      I would love to see Blue Chicken pick up Caldecott Silver – I think the illustrations are just stunning.

  4. The Book Theif is a great read-best enjoyed when your brain can better wrap around it. Go back to it at a later time so you can enjoy the experience. I felt the same way with The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Could not get into the story and didn’t care for the characters. I put it down for a while-and finished it a few months later. It ended up being a great book.
    Happy Reading!

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